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Highland Legends, what is it? what are they? Good question,let me give you the simplified answer, stories,tales,folklore,myths,legends, now there is a good title right away.We have researched ,travelled,discovered,found and compiled stories from all over the Highlands of Scotland. It has not been an easy task but we are well on the way to finishing our first title, Folklore Myths and Legends, more of which you will be able to read about on the FML page.
We intend also releasing an app so that you can follow the FML trail and discover for yourself the places in which these tales took place, well most of them anyway. Want a sneak peek at filming click below and see us putting together the story of Rait Castle. We intend making 4 films as you will see if you progress through the site each will have it’s own music, app to the trail.
Rait Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmkmrSzAkvg 

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