About Folklore Myths and Legends DVD

This hi definition blu ray disc running time 60 min approx tells many of the diverse local folktales of the Highlands. Initial research for this started in 2000 from an idea conceived as the result of the opening some years back of a Highland visitor attraction. From its initial conception as a music CD it was soon realised that this could be made into a DVD. Many hours of research began and the countless miles travelled seeking out the stories with locations of the stories.painstakingly checked and rechecked . Corroborating the locations with versions of the stories was done non more so than the Living Man’s Grave which took a long time to find and identify the location. The music was born over many months, partially in the Blu shed at the foot of a garden in Raigmore in Inverness. Musician identified, writing begins, stories unfold, on board, and this is then moved swiftly to the Studios at Badwulf, Saltburn. Months of linking music to stories created Mo Run Gaelog recorded in one take on a sunny morning one Sunday. Makes the hairs on peoples head stand up as they hear the unmixed take by Kirsteen Menzies.

Filming and background soundtrack commenced in Jan 2011 in full stereo.

Folklore Myths and Legends is due for release in 2012 in Hi-Definition only. It is approx a 60 min long disc filmed and recorded in the Highlands. The music is virtually all original composed works some beautifully sung in Gaelic, soaring soundscapes will leave you wanting more and more. It is hoped that a full luxury package will contain both the Blu Ray disc and the full soundtrack on a separate disc and possibly a booklet with stills and stories from the making of this DVD. It will be available as well in the normal single disc format without the full soundtrack.

Bookmark this page for updates on the progress and see some of the location stills as this project is ongoing.

A trailer for the DVD will appear in early 2012
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