Witches Wizards and Seers

This is in pre-production.

The curse of the blue stone.

Emit Flesti on his way to join the Prince stops by a loch to fill his water holder, glancing into the water his attention is caught by a glimmering object, the blue stone.Said to have belonged to the Brahan Seer this stone has powers to look and travel to the future or travel back into the past. Once you pick up this stone the possessor becomes one of the immortal, doomed to roam the earth in all times,gazing into the stone never to die until the stone is cast. But the hold the stone has makes the possessor reluctant ever to part with it, it torments the bearer always placing thoughts in the mind to keep hold on and forever gaze into the future or the past but never to be part of either.
Emit has held on to the stone until the stones power seems to wane and forever seek another bearer now one is in sight, in time and using powers of the darker side, it’s as if the stone has decided that the time is nigh for a new bearer.
As Emit Flesti tosses the blue stone from the foreboding walls of Fort George into the sea, a great relief comes over him, it’s as if the burden he bore is lifted, reality takes over, are the time travellers adventures over? mist,darkness prevail.
At the same time a young woman walks along a beach near Nairn, her eye caught by a glinting in the water,curiosity gets the better, or was it foretold?  Is the stone calling her? the voice in her head seems to say, her hand goes into the water and lifts the blue stone, she notices strange symbols engraved on the stone,in her mind the 2 symbols are…....... a voice in the background calls out Isobel,Isobel Goudie? they are looking for you.She lifts the stone to her eyes and the burning of Elgin Cathedral comes to view the sound of terror is in the air,the Wolf is unleashed….....
She quickly pulls the stone from her gaze and puts the stone in her pocket, a wry smile comes over her, a faint mutter in the local tongue drifts quietly in the wind.

This DVD follows the stories of
Isobel Goudie, The Witch of Auldearn.
Aleister Crowley, the Great Beast.
Kenneth MacKenzie, The Brahan Seer.
Further stories continue late 2011. with the 2nd Part, Witches Wizards and Seers